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Myths about hypnosis

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

Myth: Everyone can be hypnotized

Not everyone can be hypnotized. You have to be receptive to it.

Myth: People aren’t in control of their body when they’re hypnotized

You’re absolutely in control of your body during hypnosis. Despite what you see with stage hypnosis, you’ll remain aware of what you’re doing and what’s being asked of you. If you don’t want to do something you’re asked to do under hypnosis, you won’t do it.

Myth: Hypnosis is the same thing as sleep

You may look like you’re sleeping, but you’re awake during hypnosis. You’re just in a deeply relaxed state. In this state, you are able to focus deeply on what they are thinking about

Myth: Will I say something I don’t want to

Although you’re more open to suggestion during hypnosis No one can make you say anything that you don’t want to say. YOU are always in control;


Hypnosis is a genuine therapeutic tool, and it can be used as an alternative medical treatment for several conditions. This includes smoking cessation, fears, phobias, weight loss, pain management to name but a few.

It’s important that you use a certified hypnotherapist so that you can trust the guided-hypnosis process. They will create a structured plan to help you reach your individual goals.

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